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Colour of Bleach

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Restore Oceans | Save Reefs

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Kevin P. Wallace
Artist | Diver
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Album No.1

Album No.2

Album No.3

Album No.4

I was molested.
Mission to Help!

About the Artist:

Renowned artist and photojournalist Kevin P. Wallace brings attention to environmental issues killing our oceans... to the unnecessary harm to aquatic life from "fun divers" and others... to the destruction of Henoko Bay in Okinawa... and to the missions to restore the oceans and coral reefs. Wallace is a 20-year military photojournalism veteran, is a combat-wounded Purple Heart recipient, and was the official Air Force One photographer for President Barack Obama. He has been all over the world, and has dedicated his life to improving environmental conditions and human suffering. Made 100% with recycled and sustainable materials, Wallace's artist photobook as an extension of his work, and available for pre-orders now! 


Kevin P. Wallace
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Kevin Wallace Photography

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